The Red Sweater

This video is a combination of scenes from the popular TV Show Friends. In this video, Rachael must tell a mystery man that he is the father of her baby while her friends try to guess who he is. This video is 4 minutes and 58 seconds long. This video is a great chance for lower intermediate level learners to practice watching TV in English!

Start by looking up the vocabulary words I have provided for you below, then watch the video. Try to answer the comprehension questions. If you are struggling, watch again! At the end you will find the answers for the comprehension questions and some more discussion questions to get you thinking in English! Leave answers to the discussion questions in the comments below!

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  • To be about to do something

  • To freak out someone

  • A bandaid

  • A bond

  • A dude

  • To have got to (do something)

  • To charge someone (for something)

Comprehension Questions

  1. What is Rachael supposed to tell someone?

  2. How did Phoebe freak her out?

  3. Why did Joey propose to Phoebe?

  4. What does Phoebe mean when she says “It’s Joey”?

  5. Who does Joey think the red sweater belongs to?

  6. Why does Rachael turn down Joey’s proposal?

  7. Who does the sweater belong to?

  8. What do Joey, Phoebe and Monica realize when they say “Oh my god!”?

Discussion Questions

  1. Do you think Rachael is right to worry about telling the father of her baby?

  2. How do you think Ross (the baby’s father) will react when he hears the news?

Comprehension Question Answers

  1. That she is pregnant and that he is the father.

  2. By saying how huge this is for her and the father.

  3. Because he thought she was pregnant.

  4. Phoebe is implying that Joey isn’t smart and wouldn’t notice she isn’t pregnant.

  5. Joey believes the sweater belongs to the father of Rachael’s baby.

  6. She isn’t looking for a husband

  7. The sweater belongs to Ross (the guy holding the flowers, one of their friends).

  8. They have just realized Ross is the father of Rachael’s baby!

* Disclaimer: This video content is linked and intended for educational purposes only. The views or opinions of the content are that of the original creator and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of Habit Language Lab.

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