Dwayne Johnson

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

In this video Dwayne Johnson talks about how his high school football coach changed his life. It is 3 minutes and 33 seconds long. This video is a great chance for you to observe how stories are told using a combination of different past tenses. 

First, start by looking up the vocabulary words I provide you for section one, then watch the video. Try to answer the comprehension questions. If you are struggling, watch the video again! At the end you will find the answers for the comprehension questions and some more discussion questions to get you thinking in English! 

Video link: https://youtu.be/e8D2eTmHG4I*


  • To be arrested

  • An all time low 

  • A chip on my shoulder

  • Teacher’s lounge

  • A tough guy

  • To be fuming 

  • To apologize 

  • A hand shake 

  • To have your word 

  • To get recruited 

  • A thought process

  • A punk kid

  • (to do something) rudely

  • (to do something) disrespectfully 

  • To turn someone around

  • To be wayward 

Comprehension Questions 

  1. At what age was Dwayne Johnson arrested for the last time? 

  2. Where was Dwayne when Jody Swick told him he could not be there?

  3. How did Dwayne respond?

  4. How did Dwayne feel after the interaction with Jody? What did he do to feel better?

  5. What did Jody ask Dwayne to do? Did Dwayne agree?

  6. What made Dwayne change his thought process and think about goals and what he wanted to accomplish? 

Discussion Questions

  1. Is there anyone from your past who significantly changed your life? Explain.

  2. Who did you look up to or who was your mentor as a teenager? Explain. 

  3. Do you think you impacted anyone’s life in a significant way? How? 

Comprehension Question Answers

  1. Dwayne Johnson was arrested for the last time at age 16.

  2. Dwayne was in the teacher’s bathroom.

  3. He said “I’ll leave when I’m done” and continued to wash his hands.

  4. He felt bad. He went back to school the next day and apologized to Jody.

  5. He asked Dwayne to play on his football team. Yes, Swayne agreed to play football.

  6. Dwayne’s thought process changed when he started to get recruited to play on college football teams because he felt like he had a bright future.

* Disclaimer: This video content is linked and intended for educational purposes only. The views or opinions of the content are that of the original creator and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of Habit Language Lab.

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