I'm Roza

Hey there!


English teacher

Dog lover

I help people across the globe grow into confident English speakers.

I started learning English when my family immigrated to Canada. I grew up in a bilingual household, so different languages were always around me. Fast forward a couple of years when I started learning French in school, then Spanish as well. After taking countless language classes, I realized there is a science behind learning a new language and I knew I wanted to become an exceptional language teacher myself.

That brings me to university, where I spent my time studying what makes an effective language program, researching what role technology can play in this, and experimenting with language learning on students and friends. I hoped that at the other end of my schooling, I would be able to help language learners, learn more effectively. Teaching English online is where I’m the happiest and feel that I can reach out to and help the most people along their language learning journey. So, in comes Habit Language Lab!

The beginning of habit language lab...

Habit Language Lab was born from a conversation between my sister and I. While I have a passion for teaching language, my sister had the technical skills to make this project happen. We teamed up to create this online space where anyone willing to practice and improve their spoken English can do so within a community of like-minded language learners.

The Habit Language Lab community is growing larger everyday! We are working hard to fulfill our mission to offer English learners with more opportunities to practice speaking English online so that they will feel more confident to engage in the real world!

Why improve your English with me?

CELTA Certified

Masters Degree in Applied Linguistics

4 years teaching experience both online and in-classroom

Research experience in the field of technology and language learning

A passion for speaking English with anyone who is keen to improve!